Jeez, I thought MLB was too lenient, but it is what it is. It's not that much of a stigma.

The NFL is even more lenient, but they lump amphetamines with steroids, "In addition to the amphetamines change, the first positive test means a four-game suspension, the penalty for a second positive test for performance-enhancing drugs was increased from six to eight games. A third positive test still carries a one-year suspension."

The NBA is the most lenient, "NBA:
First Offense - 5 Game Suspension and must enter NBPA Anti-Drug Program
Second Offense - 10 Game Suspension and re-entry into the program
Third and Subsequent Offenses - 25 game Suspension and re-entry into the program.
Dismissal and Disqualification from the NBA occurs if a player is convicted of a crime related to the use of steroids."